Other Services Provided

Our services include a thorough evaluation, medication management, patient education and may serve as a complement to a patient’s current treatment team. Our belief is that the patient benefits most by following the psychiatric evaluation with a dynamic and in-depth plan of action which is focused on the emotional and physical health of the patient. This treatment plan can include medication for the diagnosis and short-term or long-term counseling or psychotherapy.


Workers Compensation Evaluations


We offer a full and complete Psychiatric Evaluation for Workers Compensation Patients. We get referrals from Insurance companies, Workers Compensation Lawyers and from other physicians. These evaluations consist of basic psychological testing as well as detailed printed report. A review of records is routinely done as part of the evaluation. If applicable, we prove necessary treatment including dispensing of medication for better compliance.

If indicated, we do point of care urinalysis for checking for drugs of abuse as well as compliance. We have developed a template that would answer most pertinent questions as it relates to work related injury. Our unique expertise in treating dual diagnosis like depression and pain pills addiction makes comprehensive evaluation and care possible. We have been providing Independent Medical Evaluations for over 28 years and are very familiar with Workers Compensation Laws and Forms.


Medication Assisted Treatment


Now there are FDA approved medications to help with certain Addictive Disorders. Buprenorphine (Suboxone) is the standard of care in treating Opiate Addiction. Methadone is reserved for harm reduction in Opiate Use Disorder. Medications such as Naltrexone and Acamprosate are useful in reducing Alcohol craving and consumption.

For best result, medicine is utilized with professional group counseling or self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous.


Medication Management for Psychiatric Disorders


For more than 28 years, my practice has been dedicated to providing high quality psychiatric care for the community of Panama City, FL and the surrounding communities.

We work together with each patient to evaluate and treat psychiatric disorders. Our services include a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, medication management, patient education, and counseling by a licensed psychiatric provider.