We are devoted to providing quality evidence based, comprehensive psychiatric services and delivering excellent high quality health care. Our team prides itself in our expertise with both the diagnosis and treatment of the occurrence of mental illness and believes that the relationship between health care provider and patient is of the utmost importance. We take a balanced approach to go beyond symptom relief and help you find ways to revitalize your life so that you can thrive in all of your endeavors.

We believe addiction is a chronic brain disease. As a small part of an iceberg, pill popping is only a symptom of an underlying disease that is visible. Our approach includes psychosocial help, including 12 step program participation. We also treat Co-Occuring disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADD, etc... for best result. Please contact us today to schedule your initial evaluation.







Our services include a through evaluation, medication management, patient education and may serve as a complement to a patient's current treatment team. Our belief is that the patient benefits most by following the psychiatric evaluation with a dynamic and in-depth plan of action which is focused on the emotional and psychical health of the patient. This treatment plan can include medication for the diagnosis and short-term or long-term counseling or psychotherapy.



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  • Dr. VJ professionally runs the group & everyone gets a chance to talk with him in private. There is great wisdom with the program if you are willing to listen. He also has the best shirts & ties!!

    Chris Wallen

  • Dr. VJ and his staff are amazing people. They generally care about the patients and the situations going on in the patient's life. I am so grateful to have found such genuine people to help me through my recovery. Thank you Dr. VJ, Nikki, and Bonnie!!

    Heather Gilley

  • Amazing place that helps me deal with all of my life’s ups and downs. Great staff! Actually care about you and what’s going on. Unlike any place I’ve visited or been. Thank you Dr. VJ and staff!!

    Mitchell Hall

  • Dr. Vijapura and his staff are professional and compassionate. Highly recommend.

    Jan-Marie Waters


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