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Day 23 Stinking Thinking aka Justification (D) (click here)

23 November, 2021

Justification-Things or thoughts that you might have used to allow your drug use


1. I will never do it again...the fact is that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Unless you actively engage in a recovery program, nothing changes and nothing will change

2. I am an addict, accept it...the fact is that you are not responsible for your disease, but you are responsible for your recovery effort

3. No one will like me if they find out...the fact is that people who know me already know, they love me, and want to see me recover

4. Acronym ADDICTION= A for abuse-do more than intended; D for dissatisfaction despite use; D for denial and death; I-all about "I" me; C for consequences; T for tomorrows; I for insanity; O for overpowering urges; N for no idea about the presence of your disease or the damage done


Watch out for your "favorite" Stinking Thinking and do not allow it to go unchecked! 

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